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01 May 2006

Critical Teaching

Here is an excellent post by Tachizuno in Michigan, USA, offering some valuable advice on developing critical thinking skills in a standards-based classroom.

"Critical teaching, in my own perception, is educating students to prepare them for real life. Another key aspect of critical teaching is presenting tasks to students, and asking them to become activists in some form." (complete post ...)

14 April 2006

Getting Ripped Off at California Wow Fitness Center on Silom

If you’re looking for industrial-scale fitness, there are two major franchises operating in Bangkok that you can choose from: California Wow Experience (formerly California Fitness) and Fitness First. If you choose California (as I unwittingly did) be prepared to be subjected to a barrage of BS sales lines and, in some instances, outright lies, all to fill a monthly quota that these clubs seemed to have imposed upon themselves. Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh – as “this IS Thailand.” ...(...more)

-- From IgoUgo member KauaiBoy journal entry at

11 April 2006

A reasonable teacher's salary in Bangkok?

Now that I’ve aired my opinion on the concept of “fairness” in regards to teacher salaries, I suppose it would be appropriate to discuss what I feel is “reasonable”. Once again, we are dealing with an inherently subjective concept and I can only offer you my take based on what my lifestyle is and how I expect my salary to support it. (...more)

-- From IGoUGo member KauaiBoy at

10 April 2006

A fair teacher's salary in Bangkok?

There have been numerous discussions in some of the popular Thai teacher forums regarding so-called "fair" teacher wages. With hiring season upon us, it certainly is a topic that needs to be thoroughly researched, particularly for newbies, if one does not want to get stuck in a perceived "over-worked, under-paid" situation. I do agree with the argument that a teacher's salary (or anyone's salary for that matter) depends largely on the laws of supply and demand, but this really has little to do with what I define as "fairness". (...more)

-- From IgoUgo member KauaiBoy at - Onlinegames
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